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Prayers of the People, The First Sunday in Lent

March 14, 2011

Below, by request, is a bonus post, my Prayers of the People from Sunday, March 13, 2011.

© 2011 Tom Cheatham. All rights reserved.

God of the covenant, whose promises are never broken, you call all the faithful to offer prayer to you. We believe that when we pray you will hear us and will come to our aid. So we bring you our needs and those of our neighbors, knowing that your might can and does work wonders, your grace touches even the most unlikely, and you surround all who trust you with steadfast love.

We ask your care today for all who have undertaken Lenten disciplines. Help them persevere as they fast or read Scripture or sit silently, walk a labyrinth, take up new service to neighbors or seek to live simply. Let us all during this season take seriously our call to ministry in baptism, being reassured by your voice as Jesus was before he went into the wilderness. Be particularly near to all who struggle with temptation; let them know your power to overcome and your grace that forgives.

Be a hiding place for all who are in distress; in a flood of troubles be their rock and anchor. We pray for those who have known the ravages of earthquake and tsunami, flood and wind. May they find and have what they need to live and to recover. Give your comforting Spirit to those who are anxious and fearful for themselves and their families; your enlightening Spirit to those who seek the truth; your guiding Spirit to those who have lost their way. Counsel them and keep watch over them. Bring down and judge those who hurt and destroy others for their own gain and pleasure, who hurt their neighbors or even their own loved ones. Defeat evil wherever it may be in this world, including in our own hearts.

We bring you those whom we know and love who are sick….grieving…troubled…lonely… dying…needy…who have concerns and problems known only to you…. Let ours be your hands of compassionate action, your voice of gentle assurance, your touch of friendship and help, your encircling embrace of safety and love.

Hear these other prayers of your people now….

We praise you, holy and helping God, for hearing us and for enabling us to put our prayers into action for the sake of all for whom we pray. All glory to you, with your Son our Lord Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit, one God, full of majesty and might, grace and mercy, forever. Amen.


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